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 Kumar Group Total Designers, the best architects & best interior designers in Kochi, Kerala completed recently a residential project for Sunil Nandini. Influenced by strategies related to classic modern homes of the present era, the best interior designers in Kochi designed this architectural and residential interior design. Situated at the center of the city, this architectural structure embraces the beautiful landscape, at the same time offers expansive views of the city and the surrounding metropolitan area. Driven by the desire to blends the walls between the inside and the outside world, this house designed to incorporate both modernity and natural elements. But never fails to provide a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street and surrounding neighborhood.

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This home is defined at some angles by its relationship to the landscape form. As a result, it reveals glimpses of the natural setting. In some other instances, it blurs the definition of interior and exterior spaces by expanding its interiors completely to the surroundings. Heavy concrete walls extended from the interior of the house, spreads out into the landscape. As a result, it creates courtyards that allow for a bright, nature-filled view. This is one of the amazing concepts hidden in this residential interior design project, says the best interior designers in Kochi.

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Its roof shape got configured carefully to provide complete shading at all times of a hot sunny day. So it keeps the home always cool. An opening in the center of the roof allows light to touch the small cute pool below. Flowing water plays a great part in the interiors and exteriors of the house, says Ar. Gopakumar, one of the best interior designers in Kochi and founder of the best architectural and interior designer firm in Kerala. Beginning from the green lawns in the landscape, the water gets into the small cute pond inside the house, kissing the sunrays. At night, lighting within the water casts changing patterns of ripples in it.

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The base of the house consists of service areas, garaging, living room, kitchen, and guest space.  The walls terraced and elevated as a result to form a new landscape for the main house.  Sheltered below the cantilevers and heavier volume of bedrooms above it, the living areas articulated as a charming space. A double-volume kitchen enables more interaction compared to between the more private spaces such as the study room, entertainment room, bedrooms, and the living area. As a result, the whole family remains connected.

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This unique residential architecture and interior design always stand stunningly out from other architectural and interior projects done by the best interior designers in Kochi. Contact the leading architects and leading interior designers in Kochi, Kumar Group for your dream home to come true.