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Kumar Group Total Designers, a Kerala-based team of professional architects and interior designers, has been solely responsible for bringing the terms “architecture” and “design” into the realm of the common man. Being the best architects and interior designers in Kerala, we have more than four decades of experience in delivering world-class projects.

Our team of best architects and interior designers believes firmly that there is something almost sanctified about transforming a client’s aspirations into

physical terms. Being the best architectural and interior design firm, we would be happy to provide you with well-detailed and precise architectural and interior design concepts. So, the dream of your own house/office in locations like Kochi, Vytilla, and Trivandrum and all over Kerala would become real through the talented and skilled team of architects and designers at Kumar Group Total Designers.

Best Architects in Kochi
Residence For Babu - Project By Kumar Group

If you’re on a search for construction companies in Kochi or Ernakulam, with an eye at home builders or simply thinking of browsing the “construction companies near me” in Google, then you need not go any further extent for building and civil construction other than Kumar Group Total Designers. We are undoubtedly among the best builders in Kochi, Kerala.

Kumar Group Total Designers is one of the best residential interior designers or home interior designers. Our efforts and labor of love can be seen in all the projects that we have undertaken. Thus, Keralites titled us” the best interior designer company in Kochi”. Homes that had felt the magical touch of Kumar Group Total Designers whispers the best interior design.

Best Architects in Kochi

If you’re looking for the best commercial interior designers in Kochi or even office interior designers in Kochi, then there is only one answer. That is Kumar Group Total Designers. As we are the best interior designer company in Kerala, we do it with design ideas that result from our team of talented and best interior designers, expertise in commercial interior designing.

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Best Architects in Kochi

As one of the leading architects in Kochi, Kumar Group Total Designers masters in architecture and interior design. We are a versatile team of talented and skilled architects in Kochi. Our designs always meet world-class standards.

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