Kumar Group

Kumar Group, one of the best architects in Kochi is well known for its residential architecture and design. The residence for Navas at Kannur, Kerala recently completed a residential project by Kumar Group, the best architects in Kochi. This residential structure is divided into two separate blocks keeping the Garden and Courtyard continuous. Navas from Kannur approached Kumar Group, one of the best architects in Kochi, Kerala to fulfill his dream home to become true.

Best Architects in Kochi – Details of Residential Project

Thereby the best architects in Kochi, Kumar Group Total Designers, developed a layout with open spaces running parallel into the indoor residential spaces. This design from the perspective of the best architects in Kochi allowed for getting in maximum daylight and providing better cross-ventilation opportunities. At the entrance, one is greeted by a play of a low height roof and a narrow vertical double heightens space. Light is taken from above, which brightens the entire narrow space.

Best architects in Kochi
Residence of Navas at Kannur, Kerala

The entrance displays a contrasting and evocative feel set in the green open space. The architecture and design layout are about interconnected spaces and volumes. Internally all the spaces within are free-flowing within one another. The volume of the formal living is connected with the main house spaces on only one side, leaving all three sides open and gets connected to the Garden.

Best Architects in Kochi – Interior Detailing

The middle double-height space takes the family room and the dining room. Interestingly, this double-height volume is sandwiched between two open spaces. Thus provide very good cross-ventilation in the living room area, where maximum time is spent by the family members. The living room and sleeping spaces are on the first floor. The glass walls provide uninterrupted clear openings at the two ends. Both the ends are kept transparent and protected by clear glass.

This allows a good clear view of the sky from the inner spaces. This quality is achieved by providing clear glass windows between the eaves and the wall. The natural light enters the inner space from all four sides. The natural light changes throughout the day and during different seasons. This makes the experience within these inner spaces richer and mesmerizing for which Navas demanded in the design to the best architects in Kochi. This house provides a rich variety of spaces, which can be enjoyed during different times of the day and in different seasons. All the spaces are well integrated within each other as well as with outside. This is one of the modern residential projects completed recently by Kumar Group, one of the best architects in Kochi, Kerala.