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The traditional Nalukettus is one of the elegant architectural designs native to the land of Kerala. It is enriched with a lot of Thachu Sastras. But nowadays they are hard to find in Kerala. Kumar Group Total Designers is one of the best architects in Kochi who have designed and built Nalukettu in the heart of Kochi city. Being one of the best architects in Kochi, for Kumar Group Total Designers, constructing and reconstructing the Nalukettu in the cosmopolitan hub of Kochi was an easy task. One of the significances of the Nalukettu house plan is the nadumuttom or open courtyard.

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The popularity of Nalukettu in modern Kerala architecture has been partly led by nostalgia. But mostly because of their value, says Ar. Anuj Gopakumar, one of the best architects of Kochi. NRIs prefer Nalukettu architectural design mostly Also, they prefer merging tradition with modernity. As a result, Kumar Group, the best architects in Kochi brought to life contemporary Nalukettu house concepts.

Nalukettu houses offer excellent ventilation and ample light. As a result, it offers an elegant space for most of the activities. Traditional Nalukettu houses are very expensive because of the quantity of wood required. Mostly used wood for Nalukettu houses is teak wood. So, in the present time, we have to compromise in its design. Also, Nalukettus were built for joint families in the olden days. Since most of the families are nuclear type now, there is no need for such huge space.

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Not everyone can afford to construct houses in the Nalukettu style. Nalukettu houses have almost disappeared from many parts of Kerala, but the vibe, splendor, and serenity that these houses provide cannot be provided by other architectural designs. Kumar Group Total designers being one of the best architects in Kochi have designed and built many Nalukettus in Kochi, Trivandrum, and many other places inside Kerala.