Kumar Group

Kumar Group of Total Designers is a Kerala-based team of professional architects and interior designers. They have experience over the last four decades in delivering world-class projects. As a result, they own a remarkable position in the field of architecture and interior design.

It’s lead by the incredible S. Gopakumar, Principal Architect of Kumar Group of Total Designers. He is a person who has been solely responsible for bringing the terms “architecture” and “design” into the realm of the common man.

Choice School, Ernakulam, Kerala ,one of the marvelous project done by Kumar Group of Total Designers.

Why Kumar Group of Total Designers is the best architects and interior designers in Kerala?

S Gopakumar’s vision has taken the organization to great heights. And his style is a blend of classic and contemporary. Detailed and keen attention is paid by him to every minute detail of the on-going projects. Thus, ensuring that each client’s needs and aspirations are fulfilled. His relationship with his clients is grounded in an intimate understanding of their vision.

Kumar Group of Total Designers always believes that there is something almost sanctified about transforming a client’s aspirations into physical terms.

What makes Kumar Group, a total designer is that they immerse into the versatility of design. The whole team remains spontaneous and organic during the creative process.

Above all, the values turning blocks of concrete into a life full home for their clients, with comfort and sophistication diffused into the final piece.

Best Architects and Interior Designers in Kerala

With a team of professionals, taken the oath to bring refinement and elegance, that Kumar Group well known for the last four decades.

Premier Design by the Top Architects in Kerala

Delivering premier design in a professional manner without compromising on quality and client comfort is the motto of this architectural and interior design firm.

As a result, every project approached with a fresh perspective giving focus on all aspects of the project from property evaluation, conceptual development, detailed architecture, costing and tendering to engineer services, construction management, and project impacts and feedbacks.

Best architects and interior designers in Kerala

Kumar Group of architects and interior designers have completed hundreds of projects. HDFC, Taj Hotels, Mini-Muthootu, Skyline Builders, are some of the valuable clients. Choice Group, Kent Builders, Kerala Tourism, and so on the endless list of clients go.

Kumar Group collaborates with international architects like Charles Correa, CetraRuddy, to create outstanding designs. They have handled numerous projects in various sectors. These include residential architecture, health care architecture, urban planning, hospitality architecture, cultural architecture, institutional architecture, interior designing, and landscaping.