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As we are one of the best architectural firms in Kerala, our services are rooted in a deep understanding of the client’s needs and aspirations and each project is approached with a fresh perspective of creating spaces that are unique. The firm’s commitment as the leading architectural consultancy in Kochi, to designing and shaping better communities, with sustainable and durable practices is achieved through the integration of smart and flexible design features. They believe in applying environmentally positive design solutions to achieve the best long term solution for resilient structures.

Kumar Group Total Designers cater to all departments of design such as Architecture, Interiors, Landscape Designing, Urban Design, Engineering, Tourism & Infrastructure Planning, and Product Design. The firm is associated with some of the leading consultants of the industry for structural design, MEP, environment conscious planning, lighting design, facility design, building management and security design etc. The designs and drawings of the group are at par with global standards and developed with the aid of latest technology, techniques and software.


With Kochi as our backdrop and a firm imprint on its vibrant skyline, Kumar Group Total Designers produces award winning designs that constantly challenge convention, spur innovation and provide original solutions for all our architectural services.

From designing townships to individual homes, from commercial spaces to urban development programmes, we take pride in extensive client consultation and collaboration, to design unique spaces with a deep understanding of their aspirations and needs. For 40 years, every project designed by Kumar Group Total Designers has been approached with a fresh perspective thus designing spaces that adapt and evolve. With a firm commitment to socially responsive designs, Kumar Group, the top architects in Kerala, are constantly adapting designs and incorporating design features that maximize natural light, indoor air quality and views. Kumar Group Total Designers, prides itself on producing drawings of international standards with extensive detailing, using latest techniques and software.


Kumar Group Total Designers, driven by excellence is equipped with a studio committed to designing unique spatial experiences, which are rooted in a deep understanding of the client’s needs and aspirations.

Every design, from offices to homes, boutiques, eateries, restaurants and hospitals has a fresh, unique approach and has excelled in every design realm. Taking interior designing to new heights, Kumar Group, the best interior design company in Kerala strive to bring intelligence and functionality to every design detail; blending and fusing various design details to provide tactile experiences that uniquely represent each client. Wherever possible, using locally sourced materials or recycled materials makes every project cost effective, environmentally sensitive and helps build communities that preserve and protect our natural resources. The approach to design favours simplicity and space efficiency that nonetheless make no compromise on functionality.


Raising the bar in every realm, Kumar Group Total Designers cater to certain client requirements where pre-fabricated products don’t quite cut it; we design the product.

Kumar Group, the best Interior designers In Kochi, Kerala takes the time to design the product from scratch so as to make sure every aspect of the project is theme-consistent and not out of place. From custom made light fixtures, to furniture to electrical fittings, attention is paid to every minute detail of the product thereby ensuring a state of the art product design that excels in functionality and aesthetics. The firm’s long history cements its relations with numerous vendors ensuring a good consultation session along with visual access to a truly wide array of materials of greatly differing budgets.


Being one of the leading architects in Kerala, Kumar Group has an approach to landscaping that has a firm basis in practicality issues stemming from maintenance. Every idea is thought of after thorough analysis of the growing structure and favours vegetation that is conducive to the climate.

Typologies such as residences, semi-public crowd spaces .etc. are tended to with a subtle interplay of circulation space and landscape design, with both spilling into each other but never conflicting.


Impractical concepts are made physically possible by the best architects with the knowledge of how to treat structures of great spans without any sacrifices on the part of anthropometry.

Aesthetics are made to merge with functionality in ways that are seldom visually glaring and provide structural form lines that are as clean as possible. Kumar Group Total Designers is associated with some of the leading consultants in the industry for structural design to ensure that every design is functional and unique.


The firm and its principal architect are well reputed to have had a hand in the urban development of the district of Kochi, ensuring more than sufficient knowledge of the laws, possibilities and impracticalities surrounding each design consideration.

Urban projects range from street beautification to large scale material reusability solutions to designing environmentally viable spaces. Kumar Group, the top architecture firms in Kerala, is well reputed to have had a hand in the urban development to provide community building amenities and activity spaces that would instil a sense of pride within.