Kumar Group

Kumar Group, being one of the best architects in Kochi, Kerala one of our recent architectural and interior design projects completed successfully is that of AMES International at Nellad. Being one of the best architects in Kochi, it was really a great boon to be the mastermind behind such a massive architectural design.

AMES International – By Best Architects in Kochi

The AMES International is located at Muvattupuzha, one of the prominent old towns in the midlands, directly to the east of Kochi in Ernakulam district, Kerala. Being the top architects in Kochi, Kerala the factory and the designed landscape naturally merge with the existing terrain. The building faces the beautiful hills and blends with the greenery around it. It is an attractive accent and a symbol of the village and the whole area. The factory creates new jobs and attracts many visitors.


Being the leading architects in Kochi, Kerala it was of essential importance to design factory architecture and interiors that blend with nature for its revival. To a large extent, the area’s appearance is preserved up today.  It will be clear that we as the best architects in Kochi, Kerala had designed the factory to meet modern requirements for chocolates and nuts making. The factory had to be much larger, suitable for the production of chocolates. The construction of the new factory openly shows the entire technological process, we, Kumar Group had adopted as the best architects in Kochi, Kerala. The building is situated at the highest point of the plot.

Interiors – By The Best Interior Designers in Kochi

Most of the chocolate-making built-up area is on the ground level. Levels difference in height is used as a technological advantage and allows a gravitation chocolate-making process. Satisfying chocolate production aims was not the only target for us as the best architects in Kochi. Visitor’s impressions were also essential for the design as different types of events happen – chocolate tastings, parties, festivities, presentations, and so on. From the outer entrance gallery, visitors are immersed in the specific atmosphere of a chocolate-making area. Moving past, the guest could closely observe from above the production process through the large glass galleries.

AMES International Designed By Kumar Group, the Best Architects in Kochi

The chocolates are filled in stainless steel tanks that are situated in spaciously large and high rooms. The office of the confiseur looks over the production hall and helps the supervision. The tasting room bends over both the entrance gallery and the shop. It has a view over the production area.

Being the best architects in Kochi, we focused on the construction of the building with reinforced concrete. Since the floors are washed often, therefore, they are mostly made of high-quality polished concrete. That choice as the best interior designer in Kochi made it easy to maintain and clean. The walls in technological rooms are concrete. Thus being the best interior designers in Kochi, we enhanced the modern industrial look of the building. Wooden paneling is used in the tasting room, and in the offices. Large glazing glasses are used in and around the galleries to avoid voids.